1st May, 2011

Cool beer for a hot summer. The best!

Cool beer for a hot summer. The best!

27th April, 2011

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photografairy said: Your girlfriend might kill me. :)))

I don’t have one. ;)

23rd April, 2011

Let’s eat. ;)

Let’s eat. ;)

20th April, 2011

This is why I love my Camera. Love this shot.

This is why I love my Camera. Love this shot.

I wanna be a camera so I can make you smile all the time. Say cheese. ;)

I wanna be a camera so I can make you smile all the time. Say cheese. ;)

24th February, 2011

Juice drink and smoke. :)))

Napadaan lang sa Mandaluyong City. :)

Napadaan lang sa Mandaluyong City. :)

14th February, 2011

Valentine’s Fireworks. F*ck the cable wire.

Cute. :)

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AJ Rafael - We Could Happen (Official Music Video) - MOVeMEDIA Productions

Get “WE COULD HAPPEN” now on iTunes!  Support the music!

AJ Rafael
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MOVeMEDIA Productions (Scott Yoshimoto)
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“We Could Happen”
Written by AJ Rafael
Produced by Jesse Barrera

Directed & Edited by:
Scott Yoshimoto
MOVeMEDIA Productions

Nina Faye
& The AJ Rafael Band

Behind The Scenes Footage:
Kris Lumague

Makeup/Hair Sylist:
Julie San Agustin

AJ Rafael Band:
AJ Rafael
Andrew Rhim
Noah Bartfield
Danny Morledge

Special Thanks To
Angeline Dalupan
RB de Guzman
David Choi
Peter Rhim — Diva Caretaker
Nicole Hormigoso
Franceska Lacson
Jules Ferrer
Coliflores Family
Ontario Skating Center
Shirley Rafael

Adam Wilson
Aldrich Genato
Alexa Yoshimoto
Aly Ocampo
Angeline Dalupan
Anthony Garibay
Ariz Hugo Ramirez
Bartfield Family
Brandi Segovia
Carissa Rae
Casey Nishizu
Chinito Garibay
Christina Luna
Corey Malek
Corrine Flauta
Dajuan Wells
Daniel Starbuck
Desmond Outlaw
Dre Conley
Fabianne Rico
Francis Rochino
Frank Hagen
Gage Audio
Jane Celera
JayR Audio
Jessica Nicole
Josh Westfall
Kevin Lien
Kyle Yip
Lawrence Martinez
Lyn Papa
Marielle MCo
Marilu Bustamante
Michael Alvarado
Michael Carreon
Michael Harvin
Nessa Rica
Peter Rhim
Raelynne Rosales
Richmond Andal
Roland Audio
Scott Yoshimoto
Shannon Brooks
TJ Brown
Tori Kelly
Trevor Audio

WOW!!! This video is incredibly cute and amazing. Glad to be apart of making this song come to life. 

PS. Look how excited Michael Carreon is at 3:38. Definitely the icing on the cake. 

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